Tehachapi, California

About another 4 hours (427.2 miles from Indio) and slightly off highway is a great spot called Mountain Valley RV Park.   This is a Good Sams location. This is located at about 4000 ft and I think the little one had altitude sickness.  We stayed in spot 21 that has a great view on a large field backed by large hills.  There are 27 sites.  This large field is a small  airfield for glider planes.  It was amazing to watch the small planes taking the gliders in tow up.  The noise was not annoying and gave us something cool to watch.  The park is small but the spaces are easy to get into with a larger rig.  The staff was extremely friendly.  They were constantly maintaining the property by trimming treason cleaning.  One side of the Rv park had a vineyard that was just starting to bud out.  The watering system came on after a small freeze and sounded like a helicopter taking off.  Got used to the sound and it wasn’t on the whole time.

We encountered rain, snow and cold as well as nice sunny days.  We definitely ran the electric heater and well as the propane.  This is also a very windy spot and I wouldn’t recommend putting out the awnings.  The grass and tree and tables that separated the sites were smaller but probable big enough to set up a small tent.

We were at this location for about 1 week and in that time we say most other RVers were there for just a night stopover.  I loved this spot for the beautiful view over the field.  This location we did not have sewer but had water and electric.

The cell service was not the best but enough to still work onsite.

On the way out we emptied the gray and black tanks at their onsite service dump before hitting the road.

Has laundry room and showers (which I might add the shower was nice to take).  
About 25.00 a night

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