Oakdale, California

5/5/18 – 206 miles from the last destination we arrived outside of Oakdale California at Woodward Reservoir Regional Park.  It is May 5th and Cinco De Mayo.  WOW this place is hopping!!!  Right on the lake, being the weekend and a holiday.  Let’s get this party started.  More narrow roads into these spots but somehow we (Kirk and I make a great team) did a very professional back in and actually looked like we knew what we were doing.  Full hookups with 50 amp service.
This place is about $35 a night but an extra 3.00 per pet, per day.  Large sites with grass and trees around.  Fire pit and table.  Level spots on the left side and middle.  The spots on the right part of the island are level enough but not flat.

We parked at site 62 for 8 days.  This site is on Hackberry Flat which is the main portion of the campsite.  Full hookups.  We were located on the slightly windier part of the island by the marshes.  With the slight breeze we were not bothered by any bugs that might have come to visit.  The sites are all well maintained with a table, fire pit and mowed grass area.  Most sites have some trees around it.

You may even be lucky and be next to a Mulberry Tree that brings in a lot of geese to feed.  They were ripe when we were here and we picked enough to make some yummy treats.

Unfortunately the blackberry bushes we saw were not ready yet…they were just pushing out blossoms.   If I had a choice in re-choosing our site I would have chosen a spot a few sites over.  Site 60 has a small sandy lake front and would have been more ideal for playing in the water.  Site 62 has lake grass up to the edge.

In our spot we enjoyed watching the Blue Heron and Egrets land and wade around in the marshes as well as beautiful sunsets.  When the slight breeze stops you can smell the organic smell of the existence of lots of ducks doing their thing.  Nothing like great compost.

The natural wildlife on this lake is awesome…the un-natural lake wildlife is well…wild and a bit loud at times depending on the neighbors you get blessed with.  This is mainly on the weekends though so just hang on and get through it.  This is the photo on one side of us during the weekend.

Fishing and water sports happening on the lake but not much around our site 62.  This location got quiet around 10pm and I slept like a champ.  Amazing night sounds of bullfrogs and crickets.  You will be woken up early by the sound of Geese and other ducks flying overhead or arguing on the lake.  Amazing sunsets.

When driving around the lake we noticed a lot of spots without full hookups that would be great for boon docking and would most likely be less expensive.

We moved to T-Island site 118 for 6 days due to availability as we decided to extend out stay.  We stayed on the same side of the lake but out on T-island.  The spot we got was a tight back in  with large trees, but the length was great for our big rig.  You are able to watch all the lake activities such as sailing, fishing and recreational water sports from this spot.  Sunsets are slightly blocked but still a good spot.

T-Island just slightly up the road has the smaller spots and I wouldn’t recommend going to the end of the island in a bigger rig as the turn-around is cramped.  Weekends get very crowded at this park so book early and be prepared.

The roads between all the sites are more narrow so you have to be patient when parking and choose your moves wisely.

We ordered a kayak for some lake fun but after finding a place to have it shipped to, going and picking it up, we were shipped the wrong one.  We chose to return it and reorder missing out on getting onto the lake.

Cell service was fine.
Constant internet on the other-hand was not the best.  It took Kirk a bit to get us semi dialed in.  It was a constant struggle but worked good enough to stay and continue to work.

Did I mention down the road a mile or so there was a strawberry stand with the most delicious treats?  Its amazing how much more I appreciate fresh fruit and veggies now that we are on the road

All and all this was an amazing spot for the two weeks.  The hosts, front gate assistants, ground crew were very nice, campground was clean and maintained.

Website – Woodward Reservoir

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