Riley Oregon – Pit Stop

June 30th  – We decided to take the slightly longer route to our destination this time.  Reason being, the shorter route had no gas stations and thus making it a longer route in the long run if we were to run out of fuel.  Smart huh?  We headed up through Bend Oregon towards our halfway point of Riley Oregon.  We planned to sleep at a rest stop for the night.  We did a very long drive of XXX miles and arrived at the Sage Hen rest stop around 7pm.  It wasn’t crowded at all and we could pick any spot.  We got comfy and slept really well.  It was quiet and there weren’t a ton of people staying over.  We even had room to pop out our slides without being rude.  There are public restrooms (obviously) and a free dump station.

Check out this adorable little airstream.  I think the air-conditioner is almost as big as this little cute metal bubble.

July 1st – In the morning we took our time and headed out towards our destination in Idaho.  The roads were pretty windy for the majority of the second day of driving.   You want to take it slower and then make up time during the straight-aways.

Make sure you schedule your fuel stop in Ontario, Oregon at the Luvs Truck stop!  The Burgers from Fat Guys were AMAZING!  They also have a regular fueling area and TONS of parking for larger rigs!

We made it to our final two week destination outside of Nampa, Idaho by around 4 pm giving plenty of time to set up.

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  1. Oh I just love to read about your travels, so lucky, also had a little giggle at the sign for Fat Guys, you just KNOW the American picker pair would be after that…safe journey.x

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