Crossings Winery – Glenns Ferry, Idaho

This spot is a gem!!  We traveled 272 miles, over a 4 1/2 hour drive arriving before 4pm to an almost vacant RV park.  We pulled across the street to check in and they appeared surprised we were staying for the two week stretch.  That had me slightly worried by their reaction.  Maybe this spot wasn’t gonna be as good as we thought.  Why wouldn’t people stay two weeks?  This spot has a vineyard on one side and a 9 hole golf course on the back side.  Just beyond the golf course is a train track.  In the adjoining fields were onions…lots of onions.  When I took my walk I could smell them.  I wanted to sneak and grab a handful for onion soup, but refrained.   We were not bothered by the train noise as the train did come through daily, and nightly, many times.  Despite my concerns this place is perfect!!

We pulled into spot 12.  It is a bit shorter then they claimed on their website but still fit us nicely.    All spots are nice with wide grass strips in between.  The most people staying at the park at one time was 8 out of the 16 spots.  Mostly it was just a few and they stayed overnight only.  Water pressure was fabulous.  Great cell service too.  A couple of the days were really breezy but it subsided.  A welcome to keep some of the tiny gnats at bay.  Bugs were buggy but tolerable.

Nice places to run the kid and walk the dog.  Fabulous grassy areas. They even have a pond on the golf course and we hunted frogs for fun and visited with the local muskrat.  The golf course wasn’t busy so we walked to a green every day and enjoyed the nice well kept grass.  We were pretty much left alone at this spot with the occasional wave from the yard crew while they were watering.

One night we saw a red sunset.  It was crazy.  Must have been a fire somewhere that we didn’t know about.

The weather was really up and down.  Most were in the 90’s but some got to between 100 and 107 degrees.  Hot Hot Hot.  Kirk managed our electricity like a champ and we survived running the two AC units and keeping cool.  If we would have known the weather was gonna be this hot we probably would have tried to get spot 7 with the 50 amp hookup.  Don’t choose spot 16 as there really isn’t much of a spot 16 that I can figure out.   A bonus to our location is that if you ask the office if you can mail some packages shipped,  they probably will say yes, although its not a regular request for them they allowed us to do so.  We just tracked them and ran over and grabbed them once they were delivered.

Our location is just up the road from a state park that is right on the Rogue river.  The state park appeared very busy.  I believe our spot is better.

We did take a day to do some running around.  We went to the state park (cost 5 dollars) and visited the small little museum that showcased the Oregon Trail.  This town is part of the Oregon Trail and has some history to be learned.  We also decided we were going to find Deadmans Falls.  I love waterfalls.  This was quite the adventure as its not clearly marked and we really didn’t know where the roads we were gonna take us.  But the excitement of finding the falls and seeing the water was keeping us searching.  Well, we found it! NO STINKIN’ WATER PEOPLE!  Even without water it was pretty cool seeing Deadmans Canyon.   The rock formations were amazing.   I have seen pictures of the waterfall here so guess we missed the season.  Still cool to go check out.  If you go in the summer bring your own water…to drink silly!

The winery also has wine tasting, restaurant and bar.  We ordered pizza  from the restaurant one night and had dinner over at their location a second night.  This is a super small town.  A couple small stores and places to eat out.  Of course their is golfing.   Everyone is super nice.  Everyone waves.  I love small towns.

This was the perfect location to celebrate the 4th of July in small town style!  We attended the local parade and enjoyed the flamingo dancers and all the local shenanigans.  Followed by a nice elk to the park where you could get rummy food and watch the happenings.  That night after dark we watched the city fireworks from the 4th green.  A perfect end of a great day.

We decided on this location because it was close to where my son was so we could have a nice visit…and it was!  
…and with him was his furry companion, Trek.  Was a different dynamic having a 6′ 1″, 21 year old boy and a furry teenage dog in the RV but I wouldn’t trade it for the world.  Of course after the visit I will have to de-fur the RV.

I believed we paid 35.00 a night for our spot.  Would definitely come back!

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