Truck Stop Fueling

Somewhere in between here and there we needed to fuel up.  Because we are so big we opted to try out one of the truck stops.  If was pretty awesome to be in the truck lane and made me feel like I was back in a big rig.  If you decide to fuel this way you will get in line with the rest of the rigs.  As one pulls up and out of the way you pull in.  Most likely you will have to go in to pay before fueling,  Convenience of being able to fill both Diesel and DEF at the same pump is nice plus the places have nice soapy buckets of water for cleaning the windshield.  This way of fueling can take longer as once you are done you have the option to slightly pull forward and run in side to grab food or take a potty break.  You could be stuck behind a stuck for 10 -20 minutes so go into it knowing you might have to wait a bit.  
You can also have your vehicle weighed to see if you are riding safely.  We pulled onto the large CAT SCALE and got weighed.  After driving onto the scale just let them know when they come on the speaker you are a private rig.  Have your license plate number available for your printed copy record.    Once weighed go inside and get your printed ticket.  This does have a fee associated with it but its not much.
For my personal record 
Steer Axle 5240lb
Drive Axle 8820lb
Trailer Axle 15440lb
Gross Weight 29500lb

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