Glendale, Arizona

Life on the farm…I think thats were I am meant to be…

February 25th arrived.  First official move/pack/hookup and tow.  Just down the road from Waddell Arizona.  So grateful we have friends on the farm.  We semi-boondocked in Glendale for about 5 weeks.  Hooked up with water and 15 amp we enjoyed life on the farm.  Enjoying the fresh farm eggs, and gopher hunting and watched the birth of the cows.   Chrystina had friends to play with and the experience of life on the farm.  Frankly we were quite spoiled.  Picked oranges and grapefruits and juiced them for later down the road.  I know it will be a little hug from home on the farm when we get to drink it.

Leased a poop tank for our sewer so we didn’t have to worry about dumping.  Emptied once a week.  Next time we will look at less expensive options but for 300 gallon tank was about 363.00 a month.

Saying goodby 4/14/18…off to our great adventures!
Used a lot of propane due to running heater with the nightly chill.
Propane $2.99 gal
Diesel $2.79 gal
3/10 got all new better tires put on the RV

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  1. This is so amazing, what a wonderful country to travel in, wow, and your prescious little girl is gorgeous…enjoy, safe travels..x

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