Usery Mountain Regional Park – Mesa, Arizona

That’s a Wrap!

Our 2018 full-time traveling adventure has come to an end at this amazing location, Usery Mountain Regional Park.  We are already excited about next year!!!

Sept 8th, 2018 – Returning to Arizona when the weather is still hot makes the transition to stationary for the winter months a bit more difficult.  Does that make us “snow birds”?   We returned to Arizona due to our job and the prepping for the events we host during the October and November months.  September months still require us running 1 – 3 air conditioners to keep cool on most days so we needed electric hookups.

After a struggle to find a location that would work for us, budget friendly, allow family friendly (age 55 and under) tenants, and also be within the vicinity we needed, this is where we arrived, just an hour from our last spot in Phoenix.

Wow, what a gorgeous park for being a desert.   Lush and green, peaceful and full of life.

Disaster Struck

As we soon found out, our adventure had only begun.

As we pulled away from the check-in station and headed towards our two week spot (spot 18 pull through site), we heard a loud POP and very shortly realized we blew out the passenger middle RV tire.  So glad we have 3 per side.  The center tire brake must have froze up and we dragged it a little ways, causing a blow out.  We hadn’t notice it being locked up right away because we were driving so slowly.  But you could see the drag marks left behind from the gate where we had stopped.  We “limped” into our site and because of the extreme heat and it getting dusk, decided to deal with the tire the following day.

Although we can change out our own tires we decided to called a service to attend to the issue because we didn’t know what was the initial cause, or if there was more unseen damage.   We wanted to make sure we were safe to continue to use the tires or if the front or back ones had been effected.  Another concern is that these tires were still new and we wanted to eliminate the potential of this happening again if there was a underlying issue.

We called 4Points RV Service (480.593.6710). is a mobile service.  Their expertise and professionalism was outstanding.  They knew our circumstances and got us an appointment as quickly as possible.  After coming out to Usery and giving us a diagnosis they removed the tire, checked for other damage, gave us the thumbs up that all else was good and then ordered in a matching tire.  By the next day they returned with the tire and installed it.  The employees were respectful, hard workers and kept the area very clean.  We were back to being good to go!

You think that is exciting…keep reading!

We reserved site 18 for 14 days which is the maximum for regional parks in a single spot.  This location had electric and water but no sewer hookup so we had to be careful of the tanks filling too quickly.  There are restroom and showers if needed.  There is also a dump station and we have a portable “poop” tank on wheels and got to make a couple trips to the dump station using it.

Disaster Struck Again

After nearly two week of being in this gorgeous camp site another disaster happened.  In the late evening after dark while we were settling into bed, we heard a loud strange grinding sound, the RV started to shake and all of a sudden the whole left front of the RV dropped beneath us.  Earthquake?!?  We jumped out of bed and grabbed the flashlights and headed out to see what the heck was going on.  There was a liquid all over the ground that was continuing to pour from different locations under the RV.  The left front of the RV had settled about a foot and a half off the ground.    Luck was on our side as the truck wasn’t parked under the front of the RV when it settled.   A hydraulic line had ruptured somewhere and it effected the front stabilizer jack.
We called 4Points Rv once again.  Due to our 14 days being over for our current site, we were to move out that day, but the park gave us some extra hours to move due to the circumstances.  In a semi-emergency situation 4Points came to the rescue, squeezing us in to their schedule.  They had to removed the underbelly of the RV exposing the busted hydraulic line and replaced it.  It looked like a screw could have created a hole in the line causing it to rupture.  Thanks to 4Points we were back in business in short order.

At some point fog rolled in…a rare site in Phoenix area.

…And Disaster Stuck Again…

Would you believe it?  At some point during the later part of our stay we started smelling plastic burning.  We ran around like crazy people trying to figure out the source.  Finally we unloaded the basement of the RV of all its contents and removed the walls to discover the transfer switch had gotten so hot and had melted the wires.  Just “short” of a fire.  We believe that this was due to bad install from the manufacturer and the screws holding the wires being only finger tight.   We noticed this with different things throughout the RV during our travels.   Kirk just happened to have an extra one and he quickly installed it to our satisfaction.  While he was in the basement he also added in a surge protector for extra precaution.

Old Transfer Switch

New Transfer Switch

How much more excitement can one take?

We noticed that every time we drove out of the park there were two empty covered sites.  At one point I noticed that it said for 8.00 more the sites could be reserved.  I also noticed they not only had water and electric they also had sewer hook ups.  SCORE!  After inquiring about these spots I found out that they were available as the Camp Hosts had not yet arrived.  We got one for two weeks and then moved to the one next to it for the following two weeks of stay.  It was worth the extra money!  Nothing like an extra bit of luxury.

After a month and a half at the Usery Mountain Regional Park it had cooled off enough to go to our next destination.  We would definitely return to this location.  Clean camp sites and bathrooms with showers, spacious, convenient, amazing and friendly staff.  There were also multiple kid climbing areas as well as great bike and walking paths.  The ranger did scheduled night hikes and educational programs free for people who stay in the park.   One last note…park showers water is outdoor temperature…whatever time of the year.

Well that’s it…..headed to my besties ranch for the winter.  It always feels like coming home!  Will update you on the fun on the farm where we have been over the winter months in next post….and tell you where we are heading off too around the 15th of April…in two weeks!


3939 N Usery Pass Rd

Mesa, AZ 85207

Phone+1 (602) 506-2930

Premium sites (only when available) $40.00 per night

Regular sites (water and electric.  No sewer) $32.00 per night




3 thoughts on “Usery Mountain Regional Park – Mesa, Arizona

  1. What an adventure! So glad they all happened while you were parked and had fast repair service available. So many empty spaces when you travel. They’re great for rest and relaxation but can be brutal when you need immediate help. Be safe in your travels and enjoy all your family time together.

  2. Nice to follow you and your family. Thanks for the Info in your solar videos, helped a lot. Where did you get the PVC backing board? I assume it is strong and light (you mounted your inverter/charger) . What is the thickness and are you happy with it?

    1. Thanks for the feedback. To answer your question, yes I’m very happy with the material. Seems to hold screws better than cheap plywood and looks 1000% better. I’ve read of some concerns with retention of heat causing equipment to run warmer. But honestly the product I used doesn’t get warm at all with my equipment. Maybe this is an issue with cheaper inverters that get supper hot and don’t cool well to begin with. Not sure. I can say I haven’t had any issues but it’s always best to provide as much feedback as possible allowing others to make an informed decision.

      This is the product I used. Honestly 19mm (3/4”) was overkill since I already had some carpeted plywood behind it. Something closer to 12-14mm would have been better and lowered the weight by 30-40%. Overall I have about 30lbs with the 19mm while not super heavy could have been lighter. Which equals more coffee cups in the cupboard. This material at 19mm is pretty ridged. But like I said, I had plywood as well as aluminum framing behind it. So, hanging the inverter was no concern. I would not count on this alone for structure. However, I’d say the same for plywood. There should be some framing in place regardless. You can by smaller pieces of this material to get a sampling. Click around on similar products as shipping varies substantially.

      Hope that helps. Thanks again and best of luck to you!


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