Sand Hollows State Park RV Campground in Utah

We took a nice leisurely two day travel to this beautiful destination Sands Hollow State Park in Hurricane, Utah.  Approximately 45 minutes from Zion National Park.  Today we only had to travel 2 hours 15 minutes and the drive was really nice.  We pulled into the state park and easily found our spot for the next two weeks.

Our view from our site which is slightly blocked from wind.

This RV Campground has full hookups and we knew we would need it given that the heat was expected at about between 104 to 109 degrees.  This park is right on a lake with surrounding sand dunes.  The sites are wonderfully spacious.  Most the time we had no neighbors.  We chose the west side site 37 due to the better internet coverage.

We took a break from unpacking and setting up to drive to the other side of the reservoir and do some quick exploring of the lake.  We had some weather coming in which was a nice break from the 109 degrees heat.  Lots of great lightening bolts shot across the sky but not a drop of rain in our area.

I love rocks.  I was thrilled to stumble across these pieces of hematite, also know as Moqui Marbles.  These perfectly round or half dome rocks are beautiful iron marbles.  The way they are formed is very interesting.  I encourage you to check out this little bit of information HERE.  I had to take a photograph next to bunny poop as they almost look the same.

Paid about 38.00 per night.  Well worth the full hookups in 109 degree weather plus the convenience of being close to Zion, A great lake and Walmart!

We decided to have some extra adventure and take a look at our surroundings via birds-eye view.  Right up the road was Zion Helicopters.  We took an amazing 90 mile helicopter flight.  I didn’t realize there were so many volcanos in the area.  Very neat to see.

The flight took us right up to the entrance of Zion with jaw dropping views of the surrounding rock formations.  We even flew over our RV…the big one with all the solar panels…thats us.

We thought Chrystina would enjoy this (well not really, but we were going anyways).  She slept the whole time!

Be sure and check Zion Helicopters and out if you have the time.

Next adventure:  Zion National Park.

We purchased the year pass to National Parks…worth every penny if you go to just two parks.  We drove to the small town of Springdale and parked for 20.00 for the day.  You cant really drive into Zion but they have a wonderful system.  Free bus ride from Springdale to the entrance of Zion where you hop on a tram service that takes you into the park and stops at different locations.  The tram comes by about every 10 minutes.  We decided to do the Narrows hike.  After a walk into the entrance of the Narrows be prepared to get wet!  Bring good shoes you can go through water because most of the hike is through the river.  It was a warm day so the water was welcoming and the deepest was right above our knees.  Walk as far as your water that you carried in will let you.  A rule of thumb.  Carry as much water as you can…once you are half way through your water turn around and go back.  We saw lots of people all ages.  Take your time and bring a walking stick.  We hiked about 5 miles round trip.  If we had more water we would have gone a little further.  Well worth it!

While in Sand Hollow we saw plenty of wildlife.  Chipmunks, Squirrels, kangaroo rat, hawk, jackrabbits, baby fox…and a snake (friendly but never the less, a snake).
We will definitely be returning again as there is plenty more to see.
…On to cooler climates!


2 thoughts on “Sand Hollows State Park RV Campground in Utah

  1. Just found your travel blog, and I’ve enjoyed your vignettes. I can’t imagine us ever traveling, but if we did, I’d be looking at where you went for sure!

    1. Thanks Debbie. To be honest, we would have said the same thing 10yrs ago. However, we really just didnt enjoy living in a house and felt we needed some change. We both grew up being outdoorsy and both moved around with our parents as well. Since Jennifer wouldn’t let me buy a sailboat, we went for an Rv. Good thing considering I don’t know how to Sail 🙂

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